Help us transform Parko Navarinou into the Playground of Exarchia

The last children’s playground in Exarchia is located at the Parko Navarinou.

Support us in making it bigger.

In the heart of Exarchia, the self-managed Parko Navarinou breathes, plays, creates and dreams. Instead of monopolising ownership of the space, the Park gives priority to the commons and satisfies a specific social need: the existence of open public spaces for gathering and recreation.

In an abandoned parking lot we planted trees, made a garden, created a space for political and cultural events and built a children’s playground. Although small, this has now become the only playground in Exarchia. After a decade of intense teamwork, and  defiance of misery and decadence, the Park takes on a new form.

The neighbourdhood’s parents are organizing themselves and becoming active: taking care of the site, making toys and coordinating children’s events. Throughout the history of the Park as an open place of coming together and creating together, the children’s playground has become a model  of social self-management.

This extraordinary momentum and the positive impact on Exarchia inspires us transform the Park into the Big Playground of Exarchia. We will add:

  • swings
  • playground structures
  • a basketball court
  • a ping pong table
  • an automatic irrigation system
  • benches
  • tables
  • A fence
  • improved lighting

The uses of the Park will not exclude anyone. It will remain open to parents, grandparents and children from toddlers to teenagers, while at the same time we will expand the space’s multiple functions for its common use by the neighbourhood and beyond. To do this, we need your help.

If there is one thing that motivates us to move forward, it is the impact of our endeavour not only in theory but in practice: in the constructive transformation of behaviours, awarenesses, practices and everyday lives. It is up to us to seize the new opportunities that open up before us. If we ourselves do not struggle to create the utopias we imagine, they will never exist. Please support us in this endeavour.

Self-managed Parko Navarinou


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